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WASAYA: The Artwork of Denise Giago

"I make to share my Dreams and Stories. I make to share Life and to show The People what is in my Heart." Denise Giago


Welcome to my Gallery

Thank you for visiting. I am happy to share my art with you. This is a new website and some of the pages are still under-construction. Plus, I will be updating with new work regularly, so please come visit again!

All art work is available for purchase unless otherwise indicated, I am selling them so cheaply because I live so simply. Just click on "add to cart" button for price and purchase information or contact me via email at



Recent Works (2006-2008)

Mixed media includes: acrylic paint, oil pastel, charcoal, brown paper and blue prints.

"Dissimilation" 46"x 36" mixed media on canvas


"Walking" 36 x 26" mixed media on canvas


"Hummingbirds and Cherry Blossoms" 9" x 6" mixed media on cigar box

$75.00 sold

"Wetu (New Blood)" 20" x 16" mixed media on canvas

$125.00 sold

"Anpetu Waste" (Something Good Happened Today) 16" x 20" mixed media on canvas


"Limb to Limb" 46"x 36" mixed media on canvas


"Mah-nee" 28"x 22" mixed media on canvas


"Anpetu Luta" 30"x 24" mixed media on canvas